We would like to welcome our coaches for the 2021 season: Casey Hicks, Katie Kilcoyne, Annie Riley, Mary Mazzulli, and Maggie Mazzulli. All of the coaches have experience as year round swimmers throughout their middle and high school years. The coaches are committed to making this summer a fun experience for all Valley swimmers while providing instruction and the opportunity for all swimmers to further their abilities.

The swim team will be managed by Mary Stilling. Mary, a kindergarten teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools, has been the beloved and extremely organized director of the Gators for many years. Jen Scally is returning as a director after a hiatus of a few years. Jen is the mother of five former and current Valley Gators. Also returning is Andy Stilling who helps manage swim meets and events. Andy works full time at the Park School of Baltimore and has for many years taken time to volunteer for the Gators during the swim season.